Easi Paint DIY painting systems

Painting a concrete floor and beea brick walls with the Easi Paint Home Decorators kit


The Easi-Paint DIY Home Decorating kit makes any painting job quicker & easier and gives you professional results every time.

The original DIY flat painting pad system since 1961. Often copied ... never bettered.

In modern times interior design focuses on simple clean lines ... colour and texture are used as features and outdoor entertaining areas have become part of the home.

Now you can tackle just about any painting job with ease.

The Easi-Paint DIY Home Decorating system will Save You Time & Money on any project.

A portion of the easi paint stand showing faux finish samples and tools

If you're painting a whole house, applying interior design principles, creating a feature wall, or just re-decorating one or more walls ... using paving paint or oiling a deck ... varnishing a cabinet or staining a chair ... painting the trim work or using enamel on doors ... doing a big job or just a small one ... this is DIY Painting Made Easy.

All of the paint pads in the Easi-Paint Home Decorating system are proudly Made in England ... where they have produced the best quality and the biggest range of painting pads on the market since 1961.

The Easi-Paint system has a wide range of clip-in specialty pads for difficult surfaces and specialty paint mediums.

A range of clip-in faux painting pads to make doing decorative faux finishes and imitating natural textures much faster ... and a whole lot simpler.

Along with some great new painting tools and really handy painting accessories that make using the Easi Paint system even better.

One of the quickest ... cheapest home renovations ... one where we are still allowed to DIY ... is painting and decorating our house ... both Inside and Outside.

Nothing adds $$$ value faster ... and improves the space that you live in as quickly as a couple of coats of paint.

The Easi-Paint DIY Home Decorating System enables you to do-it-yourself interior design, decorate and renovate while at the same time making it cheaper ... easier & quicker to do.

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Save: $24.90
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