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General Reviews
I got the set at the Royal show in Perth nearly 20 years ago. And this is all I use to paint. I love it. So much easier. Brings enjoyment into painting.

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Date Added: Thursday 23 October, 2014
HI All

I picked this up at the home show in brisbane and i watched the demonstration as well, i thought yes another piece of painting equipment that will sit in the shed after i use it once. I can say that i love to paint with Easi-Paint, it really is the best painting equipment that i have every brought. I painted two rooms in 1/2 a day and it was very easy to paint the walls.

It all comes down to prep and getting use to the pads. I would never go back to a roller after this. I am at the moment starting to paint the rest of the house and i am looking forward to doing this.

Try it and you will change your minds as well.

Brad Maroske

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Date Added: Wednesday 08 October, 2014
We bought this system at a "home show" in Brisbane 11 years ago!!! Best investment we made. I have used is for redecorating rooms since then. It is sooooooooooooo easy and uses half the amount of paint.

Best thing is that if ever I am thinking of making a paint change, I would think twice about it before, but since owning this system, I never hesitate, Cangivea new look to a room in a couple of hours all up. Faster than the masking !!!!

Thank you

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Date Added: Friday 03 May, 2013
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