Newly released painting products and applicators

Stay tuned for more! This category contains newly released painting products and applicators.
All of these products have undergone a successfull torrent of testing in the field before being made available to you.
Easi Paint provides only the highest quality painting applicators and equipment.

Swivel Extension Clip
model: Swivel-Clip

Swivel Extension Clip Recently released Swivel Extension Clip For Decks and Floors With a floating Swivel Shaft from zero to 60 degrees The swivel extension clip attaches to the large Easi-Paint handle using the same safet... more

Price: $7.95

Ripple Pad
model: Ripple

Ripple Pad The Ripple pad has a very dense charcoal coloured tri-fibre foam backing that is cut to the shape of small corrugations ... it looks a little like a small profile of mini orb ... then it’s cover... more

Price: $24.95