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Painting accessories to complement and enhance your DIY home decorating experience. The Easi Pour Lid is an essential tool in any DIY home improvement kit. It makes handling paint safe, reduces waste and mess, and speeds up the painting job.

Simply remove the metal lid from your paint can and clip on an Easy Pour paint can lid. Seals out air so paint doesnt go off; makes paint pouring quick and safe with no mess. Easy Pour Lids are reusable and easy to clean.

Easi Pour paint saver lid
model: Paint-Lid

Easi Pour paint saver lid The Easy Pour Paint Saver Lids fit all the 4 Litre Cans ... and most of the taller 6 & 8 Litre paint cans. The pouring spout is purposely set at an an angle which will give you complete pouring contro... more

Price: $9.95