Large Faux Finish Wizard

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Produce decorative Faux Painting effects quickly!

The Faux Finish Wizard is used to create the softest finishes in the range ... Sponging, Colour washing and Faux Marbling paint effects. The Large size is best used for feature walls ... hallways ... concrete floors ... rendered fences, walls and patios ... all the larger home improvement areas.

The Large Faux Finish Wizard is engineered to fit the large Easi Paint Home Decorating kit handle ... gives you a comfortable hand grip with easy control and best of all, the paint goes on the wall instead of everywhere; saving loads of paint and also keeping your hands much cleaner than traditional faux sponging methods.

What makes the Faux Finish Wizard work so well?

All of the accessory paint pads in our Faux Finish range are designed to replace the messy traditional tools ... like sea sponges, bags and crushed rags ... in this case the design team came up with a thick layer of dense sponge with a specially contoured face ... much like an egg carton in shape, covered with thousands of the same high quality Dover Bristles (acrylic mohair) as the standard Easi Paint pad ... all firmly fixed to a polypropylene backing pad so you can easily fit it into the large Easi Paint handle.

The loading system supplied with the Easi-Paint Kit does the rest by applying just the right amount of paint to the bristles ... giving you both a random and a uniform finish ... the paint is held on the bristles not in the sponge ... you are working with a controlled paint brush ... so you get none of the normal waste and mess. Big savings on Time and Huge Savings on Paint Costs; cleaning is also a breeze !!

You can now create a wide range of decorative DIY painting finishes quickly and easily ... the instructions are easy to follow ... only 2 simple steps for most of them ... try out different colours and movements on an old board or piece of cardboard panelling to get the effect you want before you apply it to the the project. Remember to use a light touch and not to much paint to avoid a splattered look. A random approach to applying the paint will provide the best end results. To find out more about the use and results of the faux finish wizard, also check out our Easi Paint blog article Paint and Finish a room. More articles will be added to this soon.

Some quick examples of what you can achieve with the DIY Faux Finish Wizard
(scaled to 10% original size)
Sponging decorative painting effect (example 1) Sponging decorative painting effect (example 2) Colour washing Faux Finish effect (example 3) Marbling Faux Finish effect (example 4)
Show me more Faux Finish Wizard examples.

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