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Ray Goodworth Date Added: Tuesday 15 March, 2011
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Dear Mandy,

I got my first Easi-Painter back about 1991 and immediately became a big fan as I was able to do large amounts of painting in a comparatively short time. I said "first easi-painter" because over the years I have been silly enough to lend my "painter" to friends who somehow never returned it and I have had to replace it several times as I would not like to be without one.

My painter(s) have been used on numerous surfaces such as normal flat walls and cement render which is so easy and I have even used it with oil based paints.

One of my best projects was to paint a feature wall in our lounge room. The wall is 6 metres by 2.4 metres and it had the usual array of cupboards,entertainment units, speakers etc along its length.

Obviously I had to pull all the items away from the wall to give me working room and then I proceeded with the cutting in, two coats of paint ( as it was a complete colour change ) and then replacing the furniture. I then went to the kitchen for a drink of water where my wife was having tea with a friend and I distinctly remember her saying "have you stopped for a tea break"? To which I replied "no, the job's done give me a beer". Total time for all of the above from go to whoa - 2 hours !

Am I a fan ? you bet I am !

Kind regards,
Ray G.

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