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George Samios Date Added: Wednesday 16 March, 2011
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Dear Mandy

After seeing your painting system at a gardening expo and watching how easy you made painting out to be I thought even I could do that, and it was that easy!

I’m not the handiest of people and I’ve been thru a lot of rollers and trays not to mention the mess to go with it, But I’m more than impressed with the Painter.

Unlike the many rollers and trays I’ve bought in the past that end up in the bin by the end of a job, I’m still going strong on my first set of pads after all the work I’ve thrown at it.

I originally purchased it to paint my studio apartment which has awkward high ceilings and fiddly bits which were easy with the painter, a simple task for an otherwise messy situation. I also found that it gave awesome coverage 1st time every time.

With help from a friend to make fast work we finished sooner than expected so we then went onto painting his family room back at his place, which got damaged in the storms with the left over paint, looks like new.

Next job for the painter is our showroom : )

Your happy customer,
George S.

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