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We reckon we have had the system for about 20 years now - just ordered some replacement pads. We have recommended the system to so many people. We were very impressed when we came to paint the interior of an old Queenslander house with VJ walls - so easy - just fantastic. Yes, it's great to see you are still going and that we can get the replacement pads.

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Date Added: Monday 15 October, 2012
I really like the idea of "colour washing" but I feel knowing me as I do that I would end up with paint EVERYWHERE. What would be the best technique to load the two colours as you would only have one large tub in the kit?
My friend Vicci Young recommended your product to me as she had seen your product at a trade show. She was really convincing as we had been listening to her painting woes for months but once she found your product she raved and raved. Then she was annoyed that she had done nearly all of her painting and only needed to do one room with your system. She's now moved from Wallan (Vic) to Tasmania into a house that needs painting.
I've put my order in as my husband won’t let me paint after my last escapade with the pergola. I have a lot of painting I want to do so I’m hoping the kit will work for me too.
Robyn Bird (Vic)

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Date Added: Thursday 15 May, 2008
Needing a pack of 3 replacement pads please and a paint pourer lid, I have them in my cart and can you give me a price on a large paint handle please so 2 of us can be painting ... it’s so easy even people disabled like me can use it.

We bought a kit from a Brisbane show about 8 years ago then last year my son bought a kit at the Perth show.
Margaret Bond (Qld)

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Date Added: Friday 25 July, 2008
We have been using the kit and accessories for many years (about 15 or more) and find it absolutely fantastic for painting cornices. I’m writing as I am wondering if I can purchase the Medium mixer-loader tray and the medium brush as well as medium replacement pads because when we went to use them recently that set was nowhere to be found - we must have lent it to someone as the whole kit usually stays together.
We painted the cornice with a brush and it was clearly nowhere near as good. Hope you can help us out as we don’t use the bigger one that much (maybe we need another demonstration to show us how to get the most out of our kit? - when are you visiting Penrith or Sydney next?)

Hope to hear from you soon ... thanking you for many years of easi & happy painting.
Ruth & Manuel (NSW)

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Date Added: Saturday 10 March, 2007
Hi Easi-Paint
I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with your painting system.
I purchased it about 2 years ago at a Home Show but was a little hesitant to use it particularly as my husband had lost interest in painting. Previously we had always painted together. So I started painting my 350sqmhouse (5x2, study, formal and informal dining and living areas and games room) on my own.
Wow, was I surprised and pleased about the ease of application. It was so smooth and you could not see where I had left off and also where I had patched previously painted surfaces that had been chipped.
Nearly six years ago I had a serious car accident and suffered Back, chest and abdominal injuries. I also have arthritis in both shoulders. This is one of the reasons I was reluctant to paint on my own. Not now. I can paint a whole room, twice and can still go about my re...

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Date Added: Sunday 15 May, 2005
After buying many duds from TV I was quite sceptical but what sold me was the ease of painting cornice. My set arrived the other day and I have been restoring furniture and painting by brush. When the goodies arrived I decided to try it out on some of the furniture I have been restoring, well I can honestly say it is unbelievable, I got the job done in a fraction of the time I spent with the brush and NO horrible drips running down from excess paint which is a bad habit of mine and I used a fraction of the paint that I had used with the brush. My next venture is to paint the ceilings. Was also impressed at the ease of cleaning the equipment.

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Date Added: Monday 16 January, 2012
Dear Mandy

After seeing your painting system at a gardening expo and watching how easy you made painting out to be I thought even I could do that, and it was that easy!

I’m not the handiest of people and I’ve been thru a lot of rollers and trays not to mention the mess to go with it, But I’m more than impressed with the Painter.

Unlike the many rollers and trays I’ve bought in the past that end up in the bin by the end of a job, I’m still going strong on my first set of pads after all the work I’ve thrown at it.

I originally purchased it to paint my studio apartment which has awkward high ceilings and fiddly bits which were easy with the painter, a simple task for an otherwise messy situation. I also found that it gave awesome coverage 1st time every time.

With help from a friend to make fast work we finish...

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Date Added: Wednesday 16 March, 2011
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