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Want to Get the Best Value at the Best Price?

Try the Home Decorating Internet Special, DIY Painting package.

Turn those home decorating ideas into reality with the Easi Paint Home Decorators kit. Get a spray gun finish with Easi Paint painting pads; included in the kit.
The complete non drip DIY painting system for home improvements, interior decorating, renovating and restoration work. EASI-PAINT saves you Time and Money; DIY painting that makes it easy for anyone to paint like a professional.

What Do You Get?
Perfect Partners for home improvement jobs:

The Easi Paint Home Decorating kit reduces waste ... you will use roughly Half the Paint ... the savings in paint costs alone will return your investment in the Home Decorating Internet Special many times over ... and its faster, about Half the Time it would normally take with conventional rollers or brushes.

Rollers plaster on paint and will always use more than the job requires, rollers are primarily designed for texturing ... by lifting the paint in textured ridges as it passes across the surface.
Conventional paintbrushes are painstakingly slow, apply paint unevenly and create a fair amount of waste. The Easi Paint painting pads are designed for modern day painting mediums and have been used for 30+ years around the world. Tried and proven many times over, Easi Paint Painting Pads produce an even coat, quickly and with reduced waste while also saving considerable money in paint.

Great Value!!!

  1 Easi-Paint Home Decorating Kit = $104.95
  2 Easy Pour Paint Saver Lids     = $19.92
  3 Spare Multi-Purpose Paint Pads = $29.95

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You Save ........................... $ 25.00
Your Price ......................... $129.95

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