Faux Finish Wood Graining Tool

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Can I create the look of timber easily with a faux finish?
Yes you can with the new flexible latex rubber, faux finish wood graining tool and mini woodgraining comb set.

The wood grainer has a comfortable moulded handle on the back that is shaped to fit your fingertips with the thumb position clearly marked and directions on the tool tell you which end is your starting point.

The authenticity of the wood grain moulded onto the face of the tool and the flexibility of the high quality latex rubber are the keys to an authentic job; the flexibility of the rubber allows the wood graining tool to get a good grip on the surface, makes it easy to work with and gives added versatility in producing a variety of wood grain finishes; to knot or not to knot, that is the question.
The randomly notched graining combs on either side of the wood grainer ensure a consistent faux painting finish from end to end of surface being painted.

Faux Finish Wood graining examples
colour's used are for demonstration purposes
Faux Finish woodgrainer examples. NOTE: colours used are for visual demonstration purposes.

The mini woodgraining comb is a recent addition to the wood graining tool; this lets you get right up to the very edges and into the corners of absolutely anything with a randomly notched comb on 3 sides and a 45 degree angle on the other side to get right in to the awkward bits; there is almost nowhere that the mini graining comb wont fit to finish off the job to the very edges.

The faux finish wood grainer has been used extensively by Home Improvement TV lifestyle shows over the years it was featured several times by Our House (when the show was on the air); The wood graining tool has been used to do decor changes for Changing Rooms and is often seen on the UK TV lifestyle channel.

Working with timber colour's with any sort of paint you can reproduce the natural look of timber without paying the high price of materials; or if colour is your thing you can produce timber faux finishes in any shade or hue that your heart desires. You can even make craft wood look like real timber by using a wood stain to do your graining over the natural colour of the craft wood. The wood graining tool is suitable for applying faux wood grain finishes to most surfaces including wood, plaster and even metal. Great for furniture restoration work and can be applied over the top of existing paint with minimal preparation.

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