Whats in the Home Decorators kit?

Easi Paint Home Decorators kit

The EASI-PAINT Home Decorating Kit, used by DIY painters, interior decorators and painting professionals around the world for more than 30 years.

The Home Decorators base kit contains:

Planning a DIY painting project?

Paint like the professionals with a set of 3 specially designed painting pads (one large painting pad is equal to 20 x three inch conventional brushes combined).

What are the advantages?

Get your DIY painting job done faster ... the large brush is like painting with  more than 20 x three inch conventional paint brushes at once ... you get a professional ... streak free ... great looking job ... with no mess ... the loading system controls the amount of paint thats applied to the brush ... (no drips) ... you apply the paint with only the tips of the bristles ... ensures that you get an even ... streak free, professional result ... using the right amount of paint every time. The Tri-fibre industrial foam backing is a suspension system ... it allows the bristles to move freely on the surface ... so you get great coverage ... even on the rough stuff. The home decorators kit makes any DIY Painting job a breeze.

What else can the Home Decorators Kit do?

Using the optional Faux Finish pads, Stain & Varnish pads and the Rough'n Tough painting pads you can cater for most painting requirements.
All painting pads clip in to the handles for rapidly changing paint pads for different results and colours during a job.

Clip in Painting Pads are available in a range of styles and sizes: