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Q Can I use this for painting weather boards
Q How do I attach or detach a pad to/from a brush?
Q How do I store my paint pad when I have a short break from painting?

As long as you look after them your paint pads will do a lot of hard work.
1 set of pads should do a 3 bedroom house top to bottom with 2 coats of paint on every surface.
The bristles will slowly wear away from the outside so your painting surface will effectively become smaller.

These older pads are still great for use on a rough or textured surface ... whereas on a smooth surface you want a good clean edge on the bristles to get a smooth finish.

Hope this helps

Q How much paint do I put in the tray? How full?
Q How would i go using the faux finish pad with suede paint effects?
Q What is the best way to paint underneath the bottom rail of a handrail when there is not enough space for the handle of the applicator.
Q Whats the best pad to use for rough outdoor surfaces?
Q Which brand of paint is best suited to these painting pads?
Q Which pad is used when applying Cetol Deck - (Cetol Deck is a microporour water replellent, pigmented, protective coating for timber - Merbau - decks) - and can it be applied using the long handle. Please specific the size and color of the pad.
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